Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Yellow Dog

At the very end of 2004, a dear friend of mine, brought with her from a Journey Around the World a little blank book she got for me in Guatemala. I started making little sketchy drawings in it, every one about a yellow dog. I was inspired by the gift, the brown paper and the dog that was lulling around the office I was working in at the time. The playful, good-natured, animalistic dog contrasted phenomenally with the boring, evil, pretentious and deathly atmosphere of the place. The dog became a symbol.
The first drawing appeared on January 6th 2005. I stopped in October of that year. In 2006, I had had some new adventures to incorporate the dog in and made a few drawings. In 2008, I picked it up again but my drawings only reflected the hatred for drawing I had at the time. I stopped the book. One drawing (the one of the dog howling at the moon) was made in 2012 – and I can not remember the  state of mind I made it in. Since then, the book lay forgotten and unfinished.

Recently, I heard that the actual old yellow dog had died. This kick started my imagination and passion to finish the book. The dog had died! Now it could live on dead in my drawings. Of course… the second part of the book, the second phase of live…

Excuse the poor photographic reproduction, please… done with just a hand-held camera and some quick snapshots of some of the drawings, from the beginning till the one from last night. The book is almost full… the dog can now be taken up in the mythological world of demi-gods.




  1. i like the one with the blue haired lady

  2. Why thank you, JW. So do I... but for me it's riddled with good memories and kind faces. Sorry for this -- again -- very late reply. I haven't been watching my own blog lately. Hey!